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Sleep is a universal, fundamental and profoundly important behavior that occupies approximately one third of our lives. In every animal species where it has been studied even partial deprivation of sleep has serious consequences on cognition, mood and health.

Research into sleep has been ongoing for decades and in the last several years more and more empirical evidence has been gathered to prove that in fact, “sleep is of the brain, by the brain and for the brain.”1

Some of the most ground-breaking sleep studies have involved fruit flies. Why? Because believe it or not, these minuscule little insects sleep - and need sleep - in much the same way as humans and other mammals do. Through these studies we know for certain that a good night’s sleep positively affects long-term memory, emotional stability, cognitive skills and the ability to learn.

Several factors contribute to a restful, restorative sleep, not the least of which is good quality bedding – from mattresses, to down comforters and pillows, to sheeting. The Brass Bed is a top resource for everything related to making your bedroom the sanctuary it needs to be. For more about the Power of Sleep please contact us at

1The Center for Sleep and Consciousness, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Research Overview