The Goldilocks Principle of Sheets

Because sheets and pillow cases contact your body directly, selecting the appropriate type of sheet is crucial to creating a comfortable bed. Personal preference and sleeping temperature impacts which weight feels more comfortable.


The Lowdown on Down

When investing in quality down pillows and comforters, the higher the fill-power the better. Also, larger clusters of down keep their loft better, while smaller clusters break down more easily and lose loft sooner. Brass Bed exclusively stocks a specially processed, hypo-allergenic 100% down.


Lost in this Abyss

Towels and bath mats from Abyss are so soft, so luxurious to the touch, that you may want lose yourself in their comforting embrace forever.


TRH Design Goes Boho For Defining Design

The spirited bed design created by Kristän Maynard, of TRH Design, is the sixth of the six designs in our series of blog posts about our 4th Annual Defining Design event. This team styled their space to have a bohemian aesthetic, striving to create a “happy place.” The inventive mixture of textures, patterns and colors created […]

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