In a world where we all strive to use organic skin products and eat organic foods, why shouldn’t we strive to sleep organic?

The Brass Bed has searched high and low to find the best mattresses worldwide. Through our research, we found that sleeping organic is the key to a healthy and restful nights sleep, which is exactly why we have chosen to only and exclusively carry OrganicPedic Mattresses®, by OMI.

OrganicPedic Mattresses® are produced in the nation’s ONLY large-scale 100% organic factory. Their commitment to maintain a smoke-free, fragrance-free, and cruelty-free environment runs so deeply that their employees don’t smoke, wear fragrances, or use fabric softeners on their clothing.

Each OMI mattress is 100% handmade in Northern California by selected expert artisans. With 100% organic products, mixed with quality and detailed craftsmanship, OMI makes the absolute purest mattresses available.

We understand that purchasing a mattress is an investment and can be stressful, so please don’t hesitate to contact our knowledgeable staff for any questions – 303-322-1712.

Due to company regulations we are unable to sell these mattresses online. Please come visit us at either showroom to test out any of the mattresses listed below.


Customers often ask us whether the thread count of sheets matters. The answer is that it does matter, but it is not the most important consideration in selecting fine linens. The most important consideration is the type of fiber used to weave the fabric. The finest cotton sheeting is made with long-staple Egyptian cotton grown in the Nile River Valley. Not easy to grow, the fibers from this cotton are especially long and thin and sheets woven from it are smooth and even silky to the touch.

In the case of sheeting that is mass produced, the cotton used in the manufacturing process is not long-staple cotton. So, to make it stronger, or even longer, several fibers are twisted together to make the equivalent of one fiber. These manufacturers then advertise that the thread count of their sheets is the total of the number of fibers twisted together to make one fiber. The problem is that these shorter fibers have a tendency to break and pill. Bottom line is that the quality of sheets produced with this variety of cotton does not improve because of thread count.

It is true that long-staple Egyptian cotton sheets with higher thread counts are of higher quality. Thread counts typically range from 200 to 800 and in some very special cases, 1000. The more threads per inch, the more substantial the hand, or the “feel,” of the cotton. At the end of the day, selecting Egyptian cotton sheets comes down to what feels good to you and suits the purpose you have for your intended purchase. But, if you choose sheets made with long-staple Egyptian cotton and take good care of them, your sheets will get softer and softer and last a good long while.