Latex Quilt- Top Mattress by Royal Pedic

Your body will thank you for choosing one of the 7-Zone natural latex mattresses, which combine shoulder and hip flexibility with correct support for the lower back. The Royal Latex Quilt-Top Mattress is their plusher 7-Zone latex version. The surface of the mattress is quilted, rather than tufted – so the latex is in a more relaxed and supple state.

Their optional 3” thick Royal-Pedic Pillowtop Pad provides extra cushioning for an even softer and cozier feel. The firmness rating becomes a 5, meaning the softest range of choice in our line when the mattress is used with the Royal-Pedic-Pillowtop Pad.

While this mattress is quite excellent on the Royal-Pedic box springs, it is also the mattress of choice for platform beds. Even on a firm platform surface, the inherent flexibility of the latex allows the mattress to contour to the body’s natural curves. In addition, the Royal Latex Quilt-top Mattress is the one people choose most often on the Royal-Pedic Adjustable Bed. The latex flexes with the bending of the adjustable bed base like no other mattress construction.

The mattress features their 7-Zone, Talalay natural latex core, which was designed based upon sleep studies at the Kirshgartenclinic in Basel, Switzerland by Swiss researcher and sleep specialist, Dr. Dietrich Scheider-Helmert. The 7-Zone design was found to provide optimal sleeping comfort and ergonomic support to all parts of the body.

The 7-Zone natural latex core is contained in their breathable and soft, Belgian 100% cotton covering that is quilted with layers of chemical free, French wool followed by Comfort Fill for added cushioning and comfort.

Royal-Pedic Double Diamond Box Spring construction is the finest available. They provide 22% more coils than is standard for extra support and durability, and have 50% more coils located in the center-third of the box spring to support the body better (over 60% of our body weight is located in our torso area). The thickness of the coil wire is an extra heavy duty 8 3/4 gauge compared to the standard 9 ½ - 10 gauge wire. Even their box spring contains a layer of staple cotton padding for added support for the underside of the mattress. Brass corner guards are installed on all corners, rather than the plastic ones that break off easily, and heavy duty cotton fabric is used on the underside of the box spring, instead of the thin synthetic sheeting that commonly droops and frays easily. You will only get the best with Royal-Pedic! 

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Construction Detail:

1. Belgian Cotton Ticking ventilates body heat and provides luxurious feel.

2. Chemical free, French Wool naturally provides additional ventilation and surface cushioning. Lamb's wool contains lanolin, which is a natural dust mite repellant. No synthetic dust mite allergy covers are needed.

3. Cushion of odorless and hypoallergenic Comfort Fil 7 polyester fiber padding for resiliency and extra comfort.

4. Ergonomically designed, 7-ZONE natural latex mattress core combines shoulder and hip flexibility for pressure point relief and comfort with firmer support for the lower back.

5. Staple Cotton Padding provides a layer of natural cushioning on top of the box spring coils for extended mattress life, rather than mattress resting on bare box spring coils with only a thin insulator pad.

6. Odorless and hypoallergenic insulator pad prevents cotton padding from pocketing into the box spring coils.

7. Royal-Pedic Double Diamond Box Spring provides extra durable, 8 3/4 gauge box spring wiring with 22% more coils than an average "good quality" box spring, and with 50% more coils in the center-third where it's needed most. Heavy duty, 5 Star Hotel Grade Wide Slat Wood Frame for durability and support.

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