Celso De Lemos

The de Lemos family has created not only a great business in Portugal, but a beautiful and delicious one as well. Located in the Dao Valley of Portugal, the company has four parts: super plush towels and bath rugs; bed linens and sheeting made of the finest cottons, silks, cashmeres and linens; Quinta de Lemos, a well-hidden vineyard located near Viseu, the regional capital; and a restaurant, Mesa de Lemos, featuring their fine wines and simple, elegant food.

In October, General Manager, Laura Colangelo visited the de Lemos compound to tour the ultra-modern factory recently built to weave and produce their newest Celso de Lemos bed linens. We have had a long relationship with the de Lemos family through their bath towel and bath rug line, Abyss & Habidecor, and our experience has been excellent. These super-pile bath towels are plush and absorbent towels. Our customers have long-embraced these high-quality bath towels because of their durability, the variety of bath towel sizes, and the number of towel colors available. The matching bath rugs also come in a variety of sizes to fit the interior design of any bath. In addition, there are artisan designed, handmade bath rugs that resemble the natural environment that the company reveres, such as rocks and minerals, and various flora and fauna designed bath rugs.

The Celso de Lemos bed linens and sheeting are exquisite and the bedding designs reflect a modern sensibility and the masterful workmanship and creativity that we have come to expect from their sister operation, Abyss & Habidecor bath towels and bath rugs. The sheeting colors range from rich ruby and orange colored sheeting to blue, green and purple colored sheets to exquisite neutral bed sheets. The blankets and coverlets range from not to be believed cashmere throws to luscious matelassé coverlets and quilts. 

Because of Laura's visit, we are again partnering with the de Lemos company, and are one of only about 10 retailers in the United States to stock the new Celso de Lemos bed linen and sheeting collection. Visit us in either our Denver or Boulder stores to see for yourself how beautiful these bed linens are, and to hear firsthand about the wining and dining portion of Laura's Portuguese bed linen adventure.

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