Designer Spotlight | "Bi-Coastal" Interior Designer, Steve Souza of Ouest Interiors Ltd.

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Meet Interior Designer Steve Souza, a fashion designer and merchandiser turned Denver and New York City-based interior designer who brings his unique sense of color and knowledge of textiles to each project. Through his high-end design, Steve has crafted a beautiful aesthetic that combines elegance and comfort.

His “evolution, not revolution” process is truly unique and provides top-notch results that are loved by each of his clients. We are so excited to learn about how he’s able to run a successful business while living a “bi-coastal” lifestyle (Denver being the new CA!), which gives him the best of both worlds! Read the interview to learn more about Steve Souza’s approach to design, style, and how you can reach out to him for your next home project!

How did you get started in the Industry?

“Fashion Design and Merchandising was my first career in New York City. It was there that my sense of color and knowledge of textiles were honed. There is a synergy to how the fashion and interior worlds work. In 2014 I moved to Denver and had to reinvent myself, so I enrolled in an Interior Design program and launched my second career. In many ways Interior Design was always my passion so having it as my second career has been a blessing.”

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You provide high-end design & furnishings. Can you tell us more about that?

“Having been employed by luxury fashion brands as well as time working for Donghia in their NYC Showroom set the way to appreciate fine quality textiles and craftsmanship. We try to give our clients a range of options when working a project. A Good-Better-Best approach is helpful particularly in the beginning days of working with a client. Showing them a range allows both the client and myself to gain insight of their appetite for high end product, as well as an opportunity to establish an understanding of the difference between crafted pieces and mass-produced product. Not everything needs to be over the top to make a room sing.”

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How do you describe your design and style?

“My friends say “oh that is a Steve Souza look” when seeing a space we have completed, which is of course very flattering. I am not so sure I recognize it myself. I love beautiful things and love putting them together in a space. I think of myself as a facilitator helping to bring it together. The client usually has a point of view regarding initial direction. A look at our portfolio and the “style” may vary but there is an elegance and comfort to the spaces.”

How do you manage designing homes for Denver and NYC?

“I joke that CO is the new CA. I have the best Bi-Costal life. Obviously, Denver is not “Coastal” but it has all the dynamics of that east / west lifestyle. The time I spend in Denver is primarily focused on work. My Denver apartment is my design studio with a place to sleep! I can leave NY and be working in Denver by 10. I have friends in the NY fashion industry that get to their office later. The weeks I am in Denver is focused on client meetings and site visits. I tend to do the majority of my research while in NY. I can walk to the D&D from my apartment in NY. The showrooms are all connected to the reps here in Denver, so it is a pretty seamless process. My colleagues work with me through everything and are based here in Denver so there is always someone to attend to a client at anytime.”

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How do you work with your clients to be able to deliver top-notch results?

“Every client is unique. Many times, we find ourselves working with someone that has never worked with a designer before. The biggest thing we need a client to do is to be engaged in the process. We always explain that our process tends to be evolution not revolution. By that I mean one selection leads to another and flows to another two. We prefer to start with a focal point like the rug or a piece of art work and build on the room from there. Sometimes it takes a little more time but the end result is a room that feels curated.”

How can people contact you to inquire about your services?

“We welcome people to contact us at OUEST Interiors at”

Steve Souza is a truly talented and inspiring interior designer who has managed to craft a signature style that fuses elements of fashion with the world of interiors. His knowledge of textiles, color, and client services have made him a highly sought after designer in both Denver and New York City. With his passionate approach to design and an eye for detail, Steve can help craft beautiful spaces that are both comfortable and elegant.

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“OUEST Interiors is amazing! Thanks to Steve and his associates, our home has been transformed into a stunning and functional space that we adore!” Tracy S. – Denver, CO

To learn more about Steve Souza and his services, be sure to contact him at or via his website Ouest Interiors Ltd.