Expert Guide To Decorating With Print Fabrics & Textiles

Stuck by a bedroom design from Nathalie Farman-Farma that we saw online, led us to her “Expert Guide to Decorating with Prints.” Lovers of textiles ourselves, we thought we would share her top 5 tips for decorating with print and vintage fabrics and textiles:

1. Make sure that you have an overarching theme in mind for decorating your space.

In whatever you find inspiration, be it the theater, history, film, literature, art, the garden, envision your space through that lens. This focus will help you tell a cohesive story, through decoration, especially when using print fabrics and textiles.

2. Use prints for more than just accents.

Cover your walls in a print fabric; add a vintage textile to act as a curtain, instead of a door, to divide your interior space. Layer different textiles and rugs on your floors. Sometimes more is just that, more!

3. Bear the architecture of your home in mind.

Dainty print fabrics might work well in a Victorian flat, while bolder, more primitive fabrics and textiles, align with a loft with high ceilings.

4. Re-purpose fabrics.

Scraps of vintage fabric can be turned into a pillow. Turn a faded raw silk duvet cover into an upholstered headboard. A flea market find, might make a great throw to complete your bedroom design.

5. Move objects around as many times as you need to in order to find their permanent home.

Try a fabric lampshade on a lamp in your bedroom, then in your study, then maybe on your kitchen counter. You don’t need to know the exact place something collectible is going to go when you purchase it. Experiment.

Read the full article published in June 2018 Vogue here.