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Ella Collection by Palecek, Available at The Brass Bed.

About Palecek Furniture

If you’re passionate about stylish, sustainable furniture then you must be a fan of Palecek! Our team loves learning about their award-winning designs and use of natural materials. As you may already know, we’re a family-owned business, so we’re always excited to share stories of other family-owned businesses that value their community and prioritize custom design. For nearly 50 years, Palecek has been known for their innovative use of eco-conscious materials as well as their commitment the environment. In addition to sustainability, Palecek is also known for perfectly blending traditional style with a modern aesthetic. With a focus on innovation, their indoor and outdoor furniture is hand-crafted with rattan and wicker materials, helping them curate unforgettable living spaces. Not only do they make eco-conscious furniture, but their lighting designs are also made in natural materials like wood, rope, shells, and coco beads. For example, the Mariana Beaded Chandelier in the photo below is strung with wood beads.

Mariana Beaded Chandelier by Palecek, Available to order from The Brass Bed

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Woodside Canopy Bed by Palecek, Available to order at The Brass Bed

A Family of Designers | Furniture, Wall Decor, Lighting

Andrew Palecek

Within the 50 year timeframe, Palecek has been lead by two extraordinary designers, and it’s all in the family. First, we’ll start with Andrew Palecek, the second-generation designer, and Allan Palecek’s son. In 2004, he joined the executive team as a Vice President and now oversees the company’s creative direction. Not only is he a creative visionary and award-winning designer, but he’s also very passionate about building relationships in the industry. In addition, Andrew has helped lead the company to be known for high-end design for residential and commercial furniture. In the future, we look forward to seeing how Andrew’s innovative designs will continue to have an impact on the industry, as well as how he will lead future generations to continue the Palecek legacy.

“When you are lucky enough to build long, impactful relationships, you discover beautiful things together” – Andew T. Palecek0

Allan H. Palecek

Next, we’ll introduce his father Allan H. Palecek, the first generation designer. He founded the business in 1974 after he saw a void in the market for rattan and wicker weaving techniques in the United States. To begin his design career, he found inspiration from unique basket-weaving techniques in Asia which lead to his first product, woven baskets. They did so well he began to expand his product line. Eventually, he was able to build his own community of artisans domestically. Later in his career, his ability to design beautiful yet functional pieces with natural fibers led him to be inducted into the American Home Furnishing Hall of Fame in 2020. Overall, both designers have a passion for eco-conscious design and have been recognized nationally for their talent. Also, they produce everything in the United States. Palecek is based in the San Francisco Bay Area and everything is finished and upholstered in Richmond, VA.

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Andrew and Allan Palecek, Award Winning Designers

Why buy Palecek furniture, art, and lighting for your home?

In addition to continuing to be a leader in innovative natural materials, Palecek has a commitment to sustainability. When you buy their products, you’ll be supporting their dedication to renewable materials, reforestation, and environmental protection. Lastly, when you shop from them, you’re supporting a family-owned company JUST LIKE US! We love custom bedding and furniture, so Palecek is a natural fit and obvious choice for our business. We also love working with their products because of the ability to customize upholstery, making it fun for us and a fun experience for the customer!

Looking for a place to buy Palecek Furniture?

Visit The Brass Bed in Denver or Boulder Colorado or give us a call. Our In-house Design Team is at Your Service!

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Shop Palecek Furniture at The Brass Bed Showroom in Denver or Boulder

We invite you to come see what styles of Palecek furniture we have stocked at The Brass Bed. Our store is currently a showroom for the brand and one of our in-house designers can assist you with your order. You can visit us at our Denver & Boulder locations. If you can’t stop by, no problem! Give us a call at 303-322-1712 in Denver and 303-440-3473 in Boulder.