Goose Down Duvet Comforters are Nature's Way to Stay Warm

Changing leaves and cooler temperatures get us thinking about making our nests cozier and fluffier. By far the best choice for dressing your bed for the changing seasons is a white goose down duvet comforter.

Designed by Nature, down clusters look like little the head of a dandelion flower, with a solid core and multiple fibers dispersing from the center. The larger the clusters, the higher the quality of down; in turn, the less down you need in order to keep warm. This allows for optimal warmth with minimal weight, and better loft.

Choosing a down comfortable can be overwhelming, so one tip we highly recommend is looking at it’s “fill power.” Fill power is measured by the amount of space in cubic inches that one ounce of down will expand into after being compressed – it’s essentially the amount of loft the down continues to hold.

Think about clenching an ounce of down in your hand and compressing it as tightly as you can…once you open up your hand, you want the down to fluff back up quickly as opposed to staying flat and condensed. The higher the fill power, the more the down will re-fuff and the longer the down comforter will last – as the fibers are harder to break down.

We have a variety of down comforters at The Brass Bed that we have created to our exact specifications. Our highest quality down has a 920+ fill power and our lower quality down has a 600+ fill power. Check out more information on our different options online, or stop by our store to feel the different samples.

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