Home Decor Accessories for Fall

Fall is the perfect season to update your home decor accessories with spicy, vibrant colors. It’s the time of year we’re all drawn to amber, breathtaking gold tones, deep plums, and chocolate. At The BrassBed, we also love adding beautiful textures to enhance the colorful, seasonal palette.

We’ve listed some of our favorite items to spice up your bedroom or bathroom, especially if you’re feeling a little stuck in the neutral zone of beige & greige 🙂 We get it! We’ve all been there and we are HERE TO HELP!

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Reversible Alpaca Throw in Rust by Alicia Adams $485

The Reversible Throw | The Perfect Rust Accessory for Fall

The Reversible Throw by Alicia Adams Alpaca continues to be one of our favorite accessories for your home. No matter what season you’re in, there are always several colors available from this gorgeous collection. The Rust is perfect for Fall! The alpaca wool is used by artisans in the United States and Peru to create beautiful items using pre-Incan techniques. Giving an urban edge to classic designs, Alicia’s line of home wares also supports the artisan families and communities that make production possible.

The Reversible Baby Alpaca Throw features a different color on each side, rust and taupe, beautiful enough to display on your sofa, and warm enough to wrap up in on a chilly evening. (Size 51″ x 71″)

Coral & Tusk Decorative Pillows

It’s no secret adding decorative pillows is the easiest way to freshen up your room. If you’re feeling that DIY vibe but the hands-on craft trend just isn’t your thing, we’ve got you! Although we offer a wide variety of decorative pillows ranging from colorful linens, silk velvet, and custom designs, we wanted to focus on one of our sweet and unique brands, Coral & Tusk.

Coral & Tusk creates spirited home decor accessories and embroidered textiles. They are uniquely crafted with a focus on storytelling and natural beauty. These designs begin with a hand drawing then machine embroidered on natural linen.

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Fall Gathering Pillow by Coral & Tusk $216 (20×20)

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Cashmere Terra Throw by Ian Saude $2185, 50”x80″

Fall Gathering Pillow

We’ve feature the Fall Gathering Pillow, description below: “Leaf peepers gather together to enjoy the vibrant fall foliage! Fox, bear, bunny, deer, owl, hedgehog, squirrel, beaver, raccoon and elk gather together to take in the changing leaves of the elm, linden, live oak, weeping willow, Japanese maple, catalpa, ginkgo, tulip poplar, beech, and birch trees. Our Fall Gathering pillow pairs with our Fall Garden design which features the leaves and nuts from these autumnal trees!” Coral & Tusk

Luxury Home Decor | Our Favorite Cashmere Accessories

When it comes to luxury home decor accessories for your home, I’m sure we’re not the only ones that think of cashmere! Designer Ian Saude weaves his throws with the finest cashmere. Once you feel the softness and weight of this throw, you’ll be curled up and cozy with your coffee relaxing a little more than usual. The natural Terra Cashmere Throw is woven with heavyweight two-by-two ply hand-spun cashmere yarn to create a plush crêpe texture.

“Living in the Nepal Himalayas for almost 14 years gave me a respect not only for the rareness and expense of high quality cashmere, but also for it’s practical value. The finest yarns are exceptionally warm while still being light as a feather.” Ian Saude

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Ann Gish Dowry Pillow $338 & Throw $975

Matching Pillow & Throw by Ann Gish

This stunning matching pillow and throw set by Ann Gish has all the Fall terracotta vibes you need plus added color and texture that will brighten any bedroom. This set is called “Dowery” and is part of a bigger collection; The Met x Ann Gish. It’s inspired by a cup from Ancient Egypt given to the Pharoah as part of a dowery, hence the name. “From ancient objects to contemporary works, The Met x Ann Gish collection offers modern design inspiration drawing on five thousand years of human creative expression. Experience the magic of The Met in the comfort of your home with luxury linens designed by Ann Gish.

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Abyss & Habidecor Rust Rug $475


Updating your bath accessories absolutely can’t get overlooked during your seasonal home refresh! One of our favorite designers for bathroom accessories is Abyss & Habidecor. Their unique designs and colors are all inspired by nature and made in Portugal. We chose the Abyss Rust Rug for one of our favorite Fall bathroom accessories. Inspired by the vibrant colors and textural components of rust, this beautiful bath rug celebrates the artistic marriage of elements: depth, color, pattern, woven in thick, comfortable, Egyptian cotton. Matching towel colors: 235 ice, 325 dragonfly, 509 vineyard, 519 sedona and 565 flame of the various towel series by Abyss & Habidecor.

Finished size 27 in x 47 in

Mike & Ally Petrified Wood Bathroom Set

Nature is a recurring theme when it comes to the pieces we’ve selected for Fall. Bringing that outside feeling into your home brings a sense of peace and tranquility. This Petrified Wood Bathroom Collection reminds us of just that! Buried for thousands of years and then crystallized- the fossilized wood is a unique addition to the bathroom suite. Its spiritual significance: business success! Each piece is hand cut, crafted and polished. We hope we’ve inspired you to hold on to Fall just a little longer by adding a few of these gorgeous accessories to your home! If you’re not feeling a seasonal refresh, that’s ok! We love to help enhance homes not matter what time of year. Please reach out to our team anytime! Our contact information is below. We would love to discuss the endless possibilities when it comes to fine linens & furnishings for your home. xo, The Brass Bed Family

Finished size 27 in x 47 in

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Abyss & Habidecor Rust Rug $475

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