How To Find The Best Bath Towels

Want to know how to find the best bath towels? We get this question a lot, and when it comes to picking out bath towels, we often get asked, “Which one is the most absorbent?” This is a great question and typically the higher quality the towel, the more absorbent it is as well. Below are our quick and easy tips for selecting a great towel.

  1. Make sure it’s 100% Cotton, as cotton is the most absorbent natural fiber.
  1. What kind of Cotton is it? There are many types of cotton, aim for Egyptian cotton, it has the longest fibers which will enhance the longevity and structure of the towel.
  1. Does it have a double loop or single? A double loop terry literally means there are two threads in each loop that are bound to the base of the towel. A single loop only has one thread per loop. For a more absorbent and plush towel, a double loop is the way to go.
  1. Does it have a high “Gram Count” or GMS? We suggest looking for at least a 700 GSM. The GMS is calculated by how many grams there are per square meter. It’s similar to thread count in sheets – the higher the gram count the denser the towel is, which in turn, makes it more absorbent.

We promise if you follow these four guidelines, the next time you step out of the shower you’ll end up wrapping yourself in heaven.