Le Jacquard Français, Table Linens

Since 1888, the men and women of Le Jacquard Français have combined technological innovation and unique know-how to design one of the world’s most distinctive brands of table, kitchen, and bath linens.

Situated in Gérardmer, France, Le Jacquard Français specializes in intricately and freshly designed linens, saturated in vibrant colorfast hues. The word “jacquard” refers to a weaving technique invented in the 19th century by Joseph-Marie Jacquard. This complex technique makes it possible to combine a large variety of weaves in the same fabric and thus create numerous original and exclusive motifs.


The exceptional quality of Le Jacquard Français linens is attributable to the nature of the materials it uses in its creations. The firm uses only the finest Egyptian cotton and linen with the longest fibers. The stringent selection of these rare fibers ensures that their creations are not only aesthetically beautiful but that they will withstand the test of time, while being easier to maintain.

Today, Le Jacquard Français creates two collections: Fall­/Winter and Spring/Summer, and their work is the benchmark for generations of people who share a passion for beautiful linen and home decorating.

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