Silk Bedding Creates Beautiful & Healthy Skin

Everyone always talks about how great silk bedding is for your hair and skin and we are here to tell you that those rumors are true!

As an ultra-smooth fabric, silk pillowcases don’t bind and catch hair, or rub and wrinkle your face while you sleep. Plus, high-quality silk contains 18 essential amino acids that are not only beneficial to human skin but also function to calm the nervous system.

Silk is exceptional to sleep on because it’s as soft as butter, it wicks away moisture, cools the skin, and helps regulates body temperature. Naturally hypoallergenic, silk can reduce nightly sweats and even provide relief from arthritis and joint pain.

When selecting silk pillowcases (or silk bedding of any type) there are three main characteristics to consider and research:

1. The best type of silk for bedding is 100% long strand Mulberry Silk.

2. The best weave for silk bedding is a charmeuse weave.

3. Look for a momme weight of 19 or more. In simple terms, the momme weight is how much 100 yards of silk (45 inches wide) weighs, in pounds. It is similar to thread count in cotton sheeting and is a good way to characterize the denseness and quality of the silk.

BEDDING TIP: Silk is 100% machine washable. Use a cool, gentle setting, add lingerie soap, and tumble dry on low heat for 20 minutes. The balance of the drying happens quickly on its own and doesn’t require ironing.

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