The Perfect Bed: Coverlets

All the elements that comprise making The Perfect Bed contribute to the look and feel of your bedroom design. First, there is the foundation and bed frame to set the stage for the design. Next comes the mattress and mattress pad which are without a doubt the most important components for making a luxuriously comfortable bed. Add to that, 100% white goose down comforters and pillows to create just the right cloud-like feeling and select sheets and pillowcases that resonate with your tactile sensibilities. Sleeping is so important for health and wellness, especially given our busy schedules and lives, there is no question that bed design is an investment worth its price.

The finishing piece is the coverlet, which is not only functional but helps keep the bed looking neat and organized, while elevating the overall design. In broad terminology, coverlets include quilts, matelassés and blankets. Traditionally, coverlets go on top of the flat sheet and underneath the duvet cover, though more and more contemporary bed designs layer two coverlets in conjunction with and without the duvet cover.

Coverlets have come a long way from the stiff polyester bedspreads of yore. Today’s coverlets are woven from 100% long-staple Egyptian cottons, Belgian linen, silk, wool, cashmere and any number of luscious combinations thereof. Plus, they come in prints, hand-stitched designs, knitted cotton blankets, woven alpaca, cashmere, and merino wool blankets, fabric made from biodegradable wood pulp, and specialty textiles woven on one of a kind looms. We recommend natural fibers for all bedding because of the soft and supple nature of these fabrics and its ability to breathe, a critical factor for healthful sleeping, whether you are talking about mattresses, sheets or coverlets.

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