The Perfect Bed: Down Pillows & Comforters

Whether you choose a soft, medium or firm down pillow depends on personal preference and sleeping style. Stomach sleepers usually find soft, cushy pillows the most comfortable, medium pillows typically work best for back sleepers, and side sleepers need the support that a thicker, firm pillow provides. Another consideration is fill power which is important when selecting a pillow. Pillows that have designated fill powers above 700 are the highest quality and will typically fluff back up fully after sleeping on them.

When choosing a goose down comforter, make sure that it is filled entirely with fluffy, white goose down. The best down comes from larger, mature birds because it offers more insulating power and a better ability to loft. Comforters that use high-quality down will have a higher fill power. This measures the amount of cubic inches that one ounce of down will fill once it expands.The higher the fill power, the better the quality and warmth. This means that a higher quality duvet will weigh less than a heavier, lower quality one; yet still provide more warmth, fluffiness, and lightweight comfort. Also look for down duvets that measure at least 700.

To select the ideal duvet, you must consider such factors as season, climate, heating system, and thermostat setting. A “Summer Weight” down comforter is ideal for warm sleepers, warm climates, or when the room temperature is above 70°F. An “All Year Weight” duvet is a popular choice because it is perfect for year round use and for those who keep their bedroom temperature between 60°F and 65°F. For those who prefer extra warmth during the winter, a “Winter Weight” comforter is ideal for cold sleepers, cool bedrooms, or very cold climates, and for those who prefer extra warmth.

To learn more about white goose down, come in and talk to one of our sales associates. In the meantime, you can shop online to find the perfect down pillows and heirloom-quality down comforters for you and your family.

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