The Perfect Bed: Sheets & Pillowcases

Have you been following our series on 9 Steps to a Beautiful Night’s Sleep? So far, we’ve covered the 1) Foundation, 2) Mattress, 3) Mattress Pad, and 4) Down Pillows and Comforters. Now it’s time for the fun part, Step 5: Sheets & Pillowcases. This is positively the most tactile component of your bedding. Whether you like sheets with a soft and silky hand, sheets with a crisp, cool feel, natural fibers and textiles are the recommended way to go. Some sheeting is woven with very light, almost “airy” long-staple fibers, while other yarns might be more lush and full. All contribute to the feel and the hand of the sheets, and all are one of the first considerations when making your selection.

Second, it is very important to ask where the fiber is from, and if it is a natural, breathable fiber. Egyptian cotton is the highest quality cotton fiber produced in the world. Egypt’s heavy rain, humidity and consistent temperatures contribute to the ideal climate for growing cotton. Cotton grown in these conditions yields extra-long staples, which in turn spins much stronger and more uniform yarns. As a result, the fabric is extremely smooth and durable becoming even softer with time. (P.S. Don’t be fooled by sheeting with packaging that lists thread count. Thread count is nothing but a marketing scam in the world of fine linens.)

A third consideration in making your choice is how you sleep. If you are a warm sleeper, then percale cotton, linen and silk are good natural textiles to look at. On the other hand, if you are a cold sleeper, and want to feel warm when you sleep, sateen cotton, lyocell (fibers made from certain trees), flannel, and again, silk are the best choices. Silk can work for cold sleepers or warm sleepers because it is known to adjust to environmental temperatures, so cold sleepers will feel more warmth in the winter and warm sleepers will sleep cooler in the summer months.

To learn more about sheets and pillowcases, come in and talk to one of our sales associates. In the meantime, you can shop online and compare the various sheeting options that we offer. To follow our series on 9 Steps to a Beautiful Night’s Sleep, check out our blog posts at


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