Every mattress should have protection; a mattress pad does the job simply and easily. Mattress pad options range from basic cotton, to flannel, to plush wool.

By adding a cotton mattress pad, not only will there be basic mattress protection, there will also be an extra level of mattress softness and mattress support. 100% cotton is highly recommended over anything synthetic.

A great first line of defense for protecting your mattress against moisture is a cotton flannel pad. This is especially important for crib and youth mattresses. But no matter the mattress size and type, cotton flannel construction is a great complement to help keep the top of your mattress pristine for years.

For additional mattress softness and mattress support, as well as additional benefits, wool mattress pads are worth considering. Wool naturally helps to regulate body temperature by absorbing moisture and then drying very quickly. It is an extra relief for rheumatic problems, and for allergy sufferers, wool mattress pads are naturally resistant to dust mites and mold.

All in all, there are many ways to protect your mattress for the long life that its investment suggests. And, as for mattress toppers overall, there are lots of options that go beyond simple mattress protection. The top of your mattress can be enhanced in any number of ways.