The Perfect Bed - Step 7: Duvet Covers

Duvet covers are the decorative fabric or sheeting covers that encase a down comforter, or duvet. Based on size, this element of your bed design makes a big impact. Selecting the appropriate style, color and texture is key to your bedroom’s decoration scheme.

Duvet cover designs range from simple white sheeting with refined hemstitch detailing to silk brocades, elegant jacquards and Belgian linens. Natural fibers such as cotton, linen, wool, wood pulp and silk, and combinations of the same, make the best duvet covers. Air will be able to circulate through these textiles and the duvet itself, if it is made with a natural element such as white goose down. Sheeting weight is preferable to upholstery weight fabric, making for a comfortable, temperature-regulated sleep. Duvet covers open and close with either buttons or zippers, and many include ties to attach to the duvet and help keep it in place within the duvet cover.

A duvet cover typically looks best when folded in thirds and placed at the foot of the bed, with a coverlet underneath. Another common approach is pulling the duvet cover to the top of the bed, with a coverlet folded at the foot to add interest and texture to the design. Bed designs often have duvets and decorative pillow shams made from the same or coordinating fabric. Some bedroom interior designs might even include draperies, bed skirts and canopies made from the same fabric. Chairs and benches that are part of the interior design plan might be upholstered in a fabric that coordinates with the duvet cover to unify the overall look and feel of the bedroom.

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