The Powder Room Wallpaper Ideas

The powder room is often one of the first places people see when entering the home. It’s the perfect little space to make a statement with wallpaper and accessories to spotlight your bold and adventurous style. With the hostess season arriving, we thought we would highlight a few Powder Rooms that inspire us, all created by Denver Interior Designers.

The next time you’re ready for a new Powder Room project, don’t forget to check out some of our favorite bath sets! These gorgeous bathroom accessories compliment ever so vibrant wallpapers, unique tiles, and moody lighting. We’ve posted a few of our favorites at the bottom of the page!

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Dark and Moody Powder Rooms

This powder room feels like a hug with it’s dark, printed wallpaper and moody lighting. The brass finishes add character and charm to the decor and overall feel of the room.

Additionally, we love the playful print of the wallpaper! It lightens the feel and adds touches of color to the room. This powder room was designed by Denver Interior Designer, J. Reiko Design & Co.

Colorful & Abstract Wallpaper with Art Deco Vibes.

Next, why not choose to go a little brighter like this powder room by Emily Tucker Interior Designs? We love the colorful, abstract design of the wallpaper. The overall feel is modern, yet it’s giving us a of art deco vibes.

Also, the additions of simple accessories keeps your eye on the most important feature, the wallpaper of course. The black marble and the black frame of the mirror makes the print stand out without creating any distractions.

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Romantic Roses With a Vintage Feel

Equally beautiful, choosing a bold floral print will invoke emotion as soon as your guests enter the powder room. The romantic flower print is an instant mood lifter! Get ready for the compliments because they’re coming your way! In addition, the combination of the rose printed wallpaper and vintage feel of the mirror gives this room a timeless look. No need to update this powder room anytime soon!

Designed by Truss Interior Designs.

A Touch of Nature in the Powder Room

Whether you feel like you’re traveling back in time or to the coast, there’s no doubt you’ll feel elements of nature in this colorful, yet subtle powder room. The wallpaper print has a slight tropical aesthetic that is perfectly paired with the blue accents. Also, we love how Nadia uses natural elements for the accessories. The bamboo framed mirror and fresh flowers feels light and airy, but there’s something grounding about this powder room, don’t you think?

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Choose the Right Accessories for Your Powder Room

Last, your wallpaper choice deserves complimentary bathroom accessories. Always remember that the finishing touches are equally important even though it’s usually the last choice you make. To help you decide, we’ve put together our bathroom accessory edit for your next Powder Room project. All available at The Brass Bed. (For inquiries, please call the store or stop by one of our locations. All information located at the bottom of this page.)

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Gold and Glamorous Adelaide Collection by Pigeon and Poodle

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Gorgeous in Green, The Porter Bath Collection by Pigeon and Poodle

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Labrazel Gold Luna Bath Tray

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Labrazel White Agate Bathroom Collection

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Spring all year! The Bouquet Bath Set by Mike & Ally

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Rock Crystal + Obsidian Bath Set with gold foil by Mike & Ally

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