Vendor Sportlight: DEA, Italian Luxury Linens

Molly Myers, new co-owner, and Laura Colangelo, general manager, recently visited DEA Italian Luxury Linens in the Tuscany region of Italy. This family owned company is best known for its beautiful lace and hand embroidery.

Molly and Laura met with the owners and visited four separate and also family-owned and operated, specialty factories: one for lacework, one for embroidery, one for quilting, and one for cutting and packaging.
Craftspeople have specific specialties in sewing such things as French knots, hand cutting scallop details, and following intricate lace patterns to sew as exquisite finishing details. DEA has been making custom designed linens with specialty lace and intricate embroidery since its inception.

Only the highest quality Egyptian cotton is used, and all weaving, cutting, sewing, and finishing are done in Italy. The Brass Bed made many new exciting selections for their customers to shop for in the New Year.