Ways to help you sleep cool, when it's hot outside.

There’s nothing better than natural fibers for sleeping, and when it comes to summer, there’s nothing better than 100% Egyptian cotton percale or linen sheets. Why? In the case of Egyptian cotton percale, the cotton is woven one over and one under in a basket weave pattern. This allows more air to flow through the fabric, making it a cooler sheet to sleep under. And, the long-staple cotton makes it wonderfully long-lasting and soft, only getting softer with each washing.

Linen is an even cooler fabric. Its natural breathing properties help you stay cool. In fact, research has demonstrated that a person who wears linen sweats 1.5 times less than when wearing cotton. Plus, with its high tensile strength, Linen is the strongest of the natural fibers, which is one of the reasons you see it passed down from one generation to the next. But don’t let this notion of its strength fool you. Linen only gets softer, smoother and more lustrous with age too.

So whether you come down on the side of Egyptian cotton percale or linen, or both, your linen closet will be your friend if it stocks both of these options during the dog days of summer.